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Willem Halffman
Faculty of Science
Radboud University



The eight lectures are the backbone of the course.


  1. Why and how? Dissecting History NO VIDEO
    Dissecting history from the Greeks to the Scientific Revolution
  2. The classification of nature NO VIDEO
    Herbals, Linnaeus and taxonomy, natural history
  3. Evolution DEMO: 2 of 6 clips
    Lamarck, Darwin, evolutionary biology
  4. The rise of the laboratory NO VIDEO
    From alchemy to Pasteur and the experimental style
  5. From generation to genetics NO VIDEO
    Inheritance, Mendel, fruit flies and eugenics
  6. The molecularisation of biology NO VIDEO
    The discovery of DNA, but also biology under Stalin
  7. Agriculture and medicine NO VIDEO
    How biology changed the world, and the world changed biology
  8. The arrival of ‘the environment’ NO VIDEO
    Ecology, nature conservation, environmental protection, regulation